Shannen Fields is a gifted actress, producer, model, and inspirational speaker. In her late twenties, Shannen began to grow a deep desire to accomplish something in life much larger than herself. This aspiration first transpired in 2003 when she and her family moved back to her hometown of Albany, Georgia and met the faith-based filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick. This proved to be a pivotal move in her life, leading to a series of events that landed Shannen a small role in Sherwood Pictures first feature film Flywheel. With this opportunity Shannen’s professional career began to change.

A few years later in 2006, Shannen’s dreams were launched with the Kendrick Brother’s feature film Facing the Giants where she was cast as the lead female role of Brooke Taylor. The movie was released in 441 theaters across the United States by Sony Pictures through both Provident and Samuel Goldwyn Films. After the opening weekend, Facing the Giants was the #1 ranked theater movie by Yahoo! movie ratings and user reviews. Facing the Giants also had a theatrical run that lasted for 17 weeks and sold nearly 3 million DVD copies, distributed in 57 countries around the world and in multiple languages.

Just one year later, Shannen and her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. In 2009, Shannen was cast as Gwen O’Brien in the RiverRain Productions feature film Suing the Devil alongside accomplished actor Malcom McDowell. The movie was shot in the beautiful country of Sydney, Australia. Soon after returning from down under, Shannen switched gears and worked as a co-executive producer with Bearfruit Films in their heartwarming redemption family drama The Griddle House, where she also played the role of Grace.

Shannen also partnered with Stone Road Pictures as one of the producers and cast for one of the lead roles as Kerri Stein in the powerful pro-life feature film The Order of Rights. She was also cast alongside TC Stallings (War Room) in the feature film My Brother’s Keeper.

To date, Shannen has appeared and starred in over a dozen film and television projects. In addition to her love for acting and producing, Shannen also has a passion to take her message and spread God’s word in an authentic way. She has a desire to encourage and speak into the hearts of all women to respond to the call for God’s plan and purpose in their lives. Her film platform has opened numerous opportunities to share her own valuable life experiences and insights with gracious humility and honest humor coupled with a biblical view. Most recently, she has also served as Mistress of Ceremony and Guest Speaker at a very significant and high-profile event in Rome, Italy as well as inspirational keynote speaker for various women and youth conferences, churches, fundraisers, and other miscellaneous events and venues. Shannen was recently honored and awarded the “2018 Springtime Ambassadors” award for her film work but her greatest love and passion, however, remains for her faith and family.

She has been married to the love of her life since 1991, faithfully cheering on her Head Football Coach husband Jimmy Fields and their two grown children as a proud wife and mother. She is quoted as saying, “This is the best role I could ever play.”

Additionally, Shannen serves on the National Cheerleading Advisory Board for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and together with her family, supports other various non-profit organizations close to their hearts.

Jeremiah 29:11 – “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

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